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Oracle Retail Release 14
Consumers today want an experience that allows them to shop and receive their purchases where they want, when they want and how they want.
Oracle Retail Release 14 With Release 14, wherever you buy, wherever you pick up, wherever you return – it's all connected.
With Release 14, we are creating a relevant user experience.
With Release 14, consumer analytics are more powerful than ever before.
Mobile, tablet, online, store – we have extended our support for every device.
Release 14 has an increased focus on the consumer across the entire suite of products.

Today, consumers call the shots – and retailers need to step up their game. There is an increased need to provide them with a relevant experience that allows them to shop and get their purchases where they want and when they want. While we have heard a variety of terminology ranging from Cross- to Omni-Channel - at Oracle we simply say Commerce Anywhere.

Release 14 delivers Commerce Anywhere and provides a consistent shopping journey, including returns. This means, providing planning, supply chain, merchandising, stores, commerce, consumer engagement and analytical solutions that are designed to work together and enable the enterprise to deliver on the brand promise.

Thus providing connected interactions, actionable insight and optimized operations.

  • Connects every possible permutation of the consumer’s journey to the retail processes and data needed to deliver on them

  • Uniquely deliver science driven consumer based decision making thereby delivering targeted assortments, placements and pricing and aligning these to supply chain decisions

  • Delivers inventory alignment, real-time inventory accuracy & transparency across business models and channels by integrating planning, supply chain, merchandising, store & operational processes with the consumer buying and fulfilment patterns

  • Provides right- time integration through a functionally rich API set and an integration infrastructure that can flexibly and efficiently accommodate the constraints of typical retailer's existing and evolving mix of modern and legacy systems
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